I have just started running. I call it running but back in the day we called it jogging. I ridiculed joggers growing up. Ladies in dusky pink towelling or velour tracksuits with sweatbands installed across their foreheads. I’d see them as my family headed to the local play area of the park. Always in groups of two, jogging no faster than I walked, idly nattering. I viewed jogging as a social activity. A way for ladies and gents to get out of the house and moan about their significant others/kids.

Fast forward 35 years and I’m the jogger/runner. They make running look easy, but believe me it’s not. Take today for example, I was supposed to run for 25 minutes. Did I achieve the run? No…I ran for 23 minutes. By the end of the run I was burning up and retching. I have no idea if other runners feel nauseous running, but I do. I know when I really push myself. But slowly I’m improving, my body is adapting to longer runs. It’s definitely a case of mind over matter.

I enjoy running on my own. I also enjoy swimming. I’m happy to take part in Zumba or Pilates. But I don’t enjoy the social, mass exercise aspect. I relish time to myself. The hectic modern world doesn’t suit me. Running outside I feel alive. My commitment to running has meant running in the elements. On more than one occasion I’ve fallen through the front door, clothes sodden wet.

I need motivation to get me through my runs. Of course, there is the overriding motivation to both get fit and lose weight. But I also need mini motivators. The sunshine highlighting the gentle waves of the river I run alongside. The shadow running along one side of the pavement to cool me down momentarily. And music. I’m currently sitting in the doctor’s surgery waiting to be seen with a muffled ear. I’m wondering if the inner earphones I’ve been using running have impacted my ear or caused infection.

I like to run to motivational dance music. Calvin Harris and Mabel are current favourite artists. Any music with a strong beat. I’ve always loved dancing. When I was younger and went clubbing, I’d often be the first and last on the dance floor. I didn’t need drugs or alcohol to keep me dancing. I have fond memories of holidays to Ibiza where Roger Sanchez DJ’d at Pacha. I love Zumba, because of both the musical and dance elements.

With running I’m reconnecting with dance music. Each foot, pounds the floor to the beat. I both physically push and mentally will myself forward. It’s time to go in for my doctor’s appointment. I have a feeling Ill be investing in some Dr Dre beats headphones…