Working Workout With A Difference CIC

We bring together volunteers & members, and now have a team of trained and qualified experts in various aspects of health and exercise, so jump on board with the Walking Workout With A Difference C.I.C. team to help build your Wellbeing Balance.

Proven long-term benefits of getting involved with our Walking Workout With A Difference C.I.C. includes:

Improves Mental Health and Positive Thinking

Outdoor walks - all year round

Walk lead by qualified Instructors, warm-up cool down and stretching

Improves Fitness, Strength and Stamina

Helps Prevents Obesity Developing

Tackles Isolation and Loneliness

Delivers Social and Mental Stimulation

Builds Self Esteem and Confidence

Helps with that ‘Look Good & Feel Good’ Factor

Provides the opportunity to meet others

About Sandra

Sandra Samuels-Allen, founder of Walking Workout With A Difference C.I.C. (Community Interest Company), tells us the story behind the phenomenon.

“So how did it all start? Well, at the turn of 2017 while sitting on the edge of my bed, I found myself wondering how I could take myself out of isolation/loneliness and meet new people.
After moving to Kent from London, at the time I had no friends in the Medway area to hang out with, share life experiences with.

I did go out a lot on my own doing my own outdoor personal workout. But this was still isolation/loneliness and I will be honest and say that I did feel the pain of loneliness at times.
Things began to change for me on the 6th January 2017. I had started posting on social media to see if anyone who would be interested if I setup a local community group to walk and talk and still have a workout, to help the community with their wellbeing prevent isolation, Loneliness Obesity and Mental Health.

Each time I meet the members to do our walking workout it is so rewarding knowing I can offer my time to the community and have fun and laughter with them. They are so welcoming never a dull moment we always Laughing and supporting each other.”

Gym Instructor

Circuit Instructor

Bounce & Burn Instructor-Rebound UK

Fitness Pilates Instructor

Mental Health First Aider

First Aider

Time Credits

Time Credits are a way of recognising the amazing things people do in their communities. By volunteering with Walking Workout With a Difference CIC you will be supplied with Time Credits for your volunteering which you can then spend on hundreds of activities across a national network.

Everyone’s time is worth the same with Time Credits, and as well as spending them yourself you can take friends or family with you or give them some of your Time Credits to spend themselves. There are hundreds of ways to spend them across the country, with participating venues listed on the Time Credits website https://timecredits.com/